Sunday, 29 August 2010

Trach The Dress

We quite often do this for brides after the wedding and honeymoon, but don't worry we don't damage the dress but it dos get a bit dirty.

This was dun some time ago in my studio. Hope you like.

My name is Andrew Chittock or Andy Chittock and I am free lance editorial and wedding photographer.

I am based in a small seaside town called Aberaeron on the west cost of Wales. I have been working as a free lance photographer ever since I left the army in 1993.. I have my own studio in Llwyncelyn just out side Aberaeron were I live. I am quite busies in the summer months doing weddings and also it is getting quite popular for winter weddings as well.

In the studio you will fined me take portraits and some times a little bit of fashion which I fined keeps me on my tooes and I like to experiment with the fashion as I look at it going hand in hand with wedding photography.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and pleas leave any comments that you have good or bad. All the best Andy